Goodbye Dangerous Spring-Loaded Reels No More Whipping Action Why deal with dangerous and unreliable spring-loaded mechanisms? Motor-driven RoboReel winds the cord
nice and neat every time—at the touch of a button.
Goodby Dangerous Whipping Reels
Goodby Dangerous Whipping Reels
Reduces Fire Hazards RoboReel's dual thermostats will sense
if the unit overheats and turn off the
power to help prevent fire hazards.
Watch the video to learn more.
Goodby Dangerous Whipping Reels
Reduces Fire Hazards
Emergency Power Shut-Off To prevent electrical injuries, RoboReel shuts off power in under a second if the cord is accidentally severed.
Prevents Accidental Rewind RoboReel's smart technology knows when power is on and prevents the cord from retracting if a power tool is in use.
Prevents Accidental Rewind
Stops When Obstructed RoboReel intelligently stops the motor from retracting if it senses that the cord is being obstructed.
Stops When Obstructed
Circuit Breaker Protection RoboReel's integrated 15-amp circuit breaker prevents the danger of electrical shorts.
Circuit Breaker Protection
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