RoboReel – Your Power Tool’s Power Tool One-Touch Retraction – One touch winds in the extension cord No Whipping Action – RoboReel includes dynamic speed control 180V Motor – RoboReel is motor-driven, no unreliable springs Smart 3 Outlet Receptacle – Includes power on/off, retract button, and power LED indicator lights Reduces Fire Hazards – Dual thermostats prevent overheating 360 Degree Rotation – Make RoboReel your central power hub
It’s Convenient Tired of winding up your extension cords? Simply push a button, and the motor winds in the cord nice and neat every time. And you won’t break a sweat. RoboReel expands your workspace with its continuous 360 degree rotation, allowing you to cover a 100-ft. diameter area. 
It’s Safe Have you ever seen the dangerous whipping action that occurs with spring-loaded reels? RoboReel solves this problem using our two-speed retraction that slows the cord to a safe docking speed. RoboReel is the only reel that thinks to protect you by immediately shutting off power if the cord is accidentally cut or is overloaded.
It’s Durable Frustrated by constantly replacing your spring-loaded reels? RoboReel is built to last. And that’s not hype. That’s the result of smart engineering and industrial-grade materials including a 180V DC motor and high-impact polycarbonates. That’s why we stand behind RoboReel with an industry-leading warranty.
Portable or Ceiling You decide. The Portable unit's the only automatic extension cord reel that can operate free-standing, on a bench, or mounted on a wall with an optional mounting bracket. The Ceiling Mount unit has a self-leveling ball joint mount that can hang from horizontal, vertical and diagonal surfaces. Both models hold 50 ft. of heavy-duty 12-gauge power cord.
portable or ceiling mount models
RoboReel Power Cord System Overview
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