180V MotorStop Replacing Your Broken Spring-Loaded Reels Unlike unreliable spring-loaded extension cord reels, RoboReel is driven by a powerful 180V DC motor. This long life motor was designed to run continuously for long periods of time, however, it only takes 10 seconds to wind in the full 50 feet of cord. This allows the RoboReel motor to run for tens of thousands of retractions without any degradation in performance.
180V Motor
Industrial-Grade Materials RoboReel is constructed with high-quality polycarbonates such as Valox® to resist gasoline, oil, chemicals, and heat and protect against impact.
Industrial Grade Materials
Engineered PlasticsGreat Stuff, Inc. Guarantee The RoboReel Power Cord System is built to last.
That’s why we stand behind our product with our industry-leading warranty. With the Great Stuff Guarantee your RoboReel comes fully protected
with a 4 year or 4,000 wind warranty.
Greate Stuff
Premium Corkscrew Resistant Cord The RoboReel comes installed with 50 feet of heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord. This premium cord is lead-free and will not “corkscrew” like other brands.
Premium Corkscrew
Won’t "corkscrew" like other brands
Wont corkscrew
Replaceable Wear Ring This simple but effective design helps prevent damage to the receptacle and allows the receptacle ball to be dropped and dragged thousands of times without damage.
Replaceable Wear Ring
User Replaceable Cord With spring-loaded reels, if you damage the cord you have to buy a brand new reel. This is not the case with the RoboReel. If you can use a screwdriver, you can replace a damaged, severed or worn extension cord quickly, easily, and safely.
User Replaceable Cord
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