One-Touch Retraction Why hassle with tangled and knotted cords or deal with dangerous and unreliable spring-loaded mechanisms? The motor-driven Power Cord System winds the cord—nice and neat every time—at the touch of a button on either the unit or at the end of the extension cord.
One - Touch Retraction
Ready To Go With a cord that unwinds without a knot or tangle, RoboReel is ready for use anytime. RoboReel neatly stores 50 feet of 12 gauge extension cord in its compact spherical casing.
Ready To Go
360° Rotation RoboReel swivels continuously in any direction. With a 50-ft. extension cord this gives you power in any area within a 100-ft. diameter allowing RoboReel to be your central power hub.
360º Degree Rotation
Smart 3-Outlet Receptacle Ball We've put smart technology at your fingertips—right where you want it. The RoboReel’s receptacle ball includes a number of intelligent features and three outlets so you can power multiple tools at the same time. The receptacle includes a power on/off button, a retract button, and three LED indicator lights. See the videoGoodby Dangerous Whipping Reels
Smart 3 Outlet Receptacle Ball
Portability The Portable RoboReel is a lightweight 20 lbs. and can be used freestanding on the floor, on a bench, or hung on a wall with the optional wall mount.
Self-Leveling Ceiling Mount The Ceiling Mount RoboReel is self-leveling, allowing it to ingeniously hang from any angle.
Self-Leveling Ceiling Mount
No Assembly Required
No Assembly Required RoboReel is ready for use right out of the box. Just plug in and power away.
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