Features Competitor RoboReel
Winds In At The Touch of A Button No Yes
4 year or 4,000 Wind Warranty No Yes
Motor-Driven(no dangerous springs) No Yes
Cord Length 30-50ft. 50ft.
Max Amps 10-15A 15A
Portability No Yes
Number of Receptacles 1-4 3
Cord Gauge 16-14-12 12
Power On/Off(end of cord and on unit) No Yes
Redundant Thermostats No Yes
Power Turns Off if cord is severed No Yes
Two-Speed Retraction No Yes
Operates Freestanding No Yes
Prevents Whipping Action No Yes
Continuous 360ยบ Degree Rotation No Yes
Stops Retraction if cord is obstructed No Yes
Self-Leveling Mount(can be hung from any angle) No Yes
Prevents Accidental Retraction No Yes
Cord is Easily replaced by user No Yes
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