DEMO Air Portable Hose Reel

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This portable model holds 40ft. of heavy duty hose and can operate freestanding, on a bench, table, or on a wall with an optional wall mount. RoboReel Demo units have been completely refurbished and reconditioned and come with a 1 year warranty. These units have been used in trade shows, on television or in commercials and may have minor scratches or other imperfections. Each has been tested and or restored in good working condition.

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Product Overview

Introducing the RoboReel Air Hose Reel designed for both the commercial user and home consumer. It comes in 2 models; portable and ceiling mount. Both provide our One-Touch rewind which allows you to rewind the hose with the touch of a button at either the hose end or on the unit itself.

No dangerous and unreliable springs to ensure a safe and smooth rewind that even slows down as it nears the end of the wind. RoboReel eliminates the whipping action which can cause damage and injuries and protects you and your property.

This portable model holds 40ft. of heavy duty hose and can operate freestanding, on a bench, table, or on a wall with an optional wall mount. A simple touch of button, on the end of the hose or on the unit itself, and the RoboReel Air Hose Reel winds the hose in nice and neat, ever time.

In addition to its multiple safety and functionality features, the RoboReel Air Hose Reel comes with an industry leading commitment to durability. With the Great Stuff Guarantee, your RoboReel comes fully protected by a 4 year or 4,000 winds whichever comes first, “bumper-to-bumper” warranty.


  • One-Touch Retraction: Winds hose in automatically with the touch of a button on the unit or on the hose. Ready to use every time.
  • Eliminates Whipping Action: Comes in fast, slows to dock.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: Provides compressed air in any direction.
  • Two Models, Portable and Ceiling: Portable Model is lightweight and easily moved.
  • No Assembly Required: Plug it in and it’s ready for use.


  • High Quality Materials: Oil, chemical, gas, impact, fire and heat resistant.
  • Premium Hose: Lays flat with industrial grade connections including a Prevost quick coupler.
  • Includes UV additive to maintain color and reduce fading.
  • Comes fully protected by a 1 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.


  • No Whipping Action: Winds in fast and slows to docking speed to help prevent potential damage and injury.
  • Stops Winding When Obstructed: Motor stops if it senses obstructions during rewind, preventing damage.
  • Includes Prevost Safety Quick Coupler: Helps prevent damage and injury.
  • RoboReel retracts fully every time creating a safer and cleaner work environment. Keeps hose stored neatly out of the way

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    The RoboReel Air Hose Reel makes projects faster, easier, and safer and leaves shops less cluttered and more efficient. Learn more about all of the unique safety, convenience, and durability features that RoboReel can provide.


Hose Length 40 ft.
Hose Size 1/4
Pressure 300 PSI
Voltage 120 Volts (Standard)
Warranty 4 Years
Bench Mount Bracket Included

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