RoboReel Water Hose Reel on Lawn

We have been getting tons of inquiries about the status of the Water Hose Reel and we want to let everyone know that the RoboReel Water Hose Reel has officially launched! Our production numbers have steadily been increasing at our Austin, Texas based factory and we have been shipping out units to our earliest customers for the past few weeks.

We’re thrilled with the initial demand for the Water Hose Reel. However, the demand has been higher than anticipated, so it could be a while before the Water Hose Reel is back in stock. Right now we are working our way through the pre-order list and we will update everyone when the product is available for purchase on our website. We are eager as anyone to get this out to the community during the spring season.

If you have already reserved a reel there is no need to provide any additional information as you will be automatically notified when your Water Hose Reel is ready to be shipped. If you have any additional questions regarding your reservation, please contact customer support here.

If you haven’t reserved your unit yet you can provide us your email and we will notify you when the Water Hose Reel is back in stock. Right now, we are focused on our current orders so it may take us some time to get back to you. We’re building more as fast as we can.

We would really like to thank everyone for all of the interest over the last few months. We’ve had a tremendous response and we look forward to getting you your Water Hose Reel as soon as we can.

Thanks again,
The RoboReel Team