Almost everyone has extension cords, and most people use them without giving a second thought about safety.  However, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), extension cords are one of the most dangerous electrical appliances in many homes and businesses.

The CPSC estimates electrical extension cords are responsible for about 4,000 hospital emergency room visits, 3,300 residential fires, and 50 deaths each year. Upon further investigation the CPSC found accident patterns related to the use of extension cords. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of extension cord related accidents, and how RoboReel helps to prevent them:

Fire Hazards

Just because a cord reaches to where you need it, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for the job.  Most people don’t understand amperage (strength of an electric current), and how, if an appliance or tool exceeds its design limitations, that excess amperage is translated into heat which can eventually cause a fire. RoboReel is designed to prevent overheating thus preventing potential fires.  The RoboReel Power Cord System comes with a heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord that can carry up to 15 amps which is ideal for most jobs.  The RoboReel is also equipped with redundant thermostats that will cut off power if the unit overheats, and a breaker that will trip if the amperage exceeds safe levels.

Tripping Hazards

Whether extension cords are used in a shop or home environment, they are often laid out in high traffic areas where they can easily become a tripping hazard.  According to the CPSC, about half of injuries related to extension cords are due to tripping.  During a project, if you receive a phone call or are faced with another distraction, it is easy to see how this could happen.  While the best idea is to wind up your cords when they are not in use, it is often too time consuming to be a reasonable solution. This is where the RoboReel Power Cord System comes in! Using the RoboReel is a great way to minimize tripping hazards because it can wind-up 50 feet of extension cord in a matter of seconds.  When you are done with a project, simply unplug your tool and press the button once to retract the cord.  It’s that easy to reduce tripping hazards in your workspace.

Chewed Cords

If you have children or pets in your home or work environment, chewed cords are a serious concern as they can lead to electrical burns.  These burns can be severe and require hospital visits and surgery.  The best solution to this problem is to keep all extension cords out of the reach of children and pets. While RoboReel cannot solve the chewed cord problem, it can help mitigate it as it keeps the cord enclosed in a strong plastic shell when not in use. The RoboReel Power Cord System also has an emergency power shutoff mechanism that will turn off the power if the extension cord is completely severed during a job. While the RoboReel Power Cord System is not a cure-all for these dangers, it was designed with safety in mind, so it can substantially help reduce the number of injuries and deaths, and fires caused by the average extension cord.