In the past, motor-driven air hose reels were mostly found in industrial settings. The main reason for this was their high cost. That's what makes the RoboReel from Great Stuff, Inc. a prime candidate for the do-it-yourself market.

It's also well below the price of an industrial motor-driven unit. With the RoboReel, the hose extends out much the same as other reels. But when it's time to retract the hose, you only need to press a button, and a motor housed in the main unit rewinds the hose automatically.
For convenience, there is a rewind button located on the main unit and also one near the end of the hose.

Another nice feature of this air hose reel is the two-speed motor. As the hose is retracted, the motor slows before the end of the hose leaves the ground. This avoids any whipping action that could cause damage or injury. This unit also has a safety feature that stops the retraction if the rewinding hose is stepped on or impeded in any other way.

You can read the full article by picking up issue #220 Vol.37 of Woodsmith magazine.