RoboReel Air Hose Reel Overview
RoboReel Air Hose Reels

Always Ready

Completely assembled and ready to go. Plug RoboReel Air Hose Reel in to your outlet, connect your air tool and you’re ready to go. Comes with 40’ of ¼” hose with a 300 psi rating.


RoboReel’s motorized retraction eliminates whipping action. Have you ever seen the damage that occurs with spring-loaded reels? RoboReel solves this problem using our two-speed retraction.


Frustrated by constantly replacing your spring-loaded reels? RoboReel is built to last. That’s the result of smart engineering and industrial-grade material.

RoboReel Air

Two Models To Choose From

Portable model which can operate free-standing or can be mounted to a wall or bench.
Ceiling Mount model can be mounted on a ceiling or to a wall with our L-bracket accessory.

RoboReel Air Reel Models

Portable Model

Ceiling Mount Model

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