About Us

Great Stuff, Inc. Core Values

What separates Great Stuff, Inc. from our competitors is the intelligent way we combine exciting design and exceptional functionality in our products, to help make our customers’ lives a little easier. Good isn’t good enough at Great Stuff, Inc. as our company’s core values are embodied in our company name and put on display in the unique and innovative products we produce.

How We Got Our Start

It’s a common belief that every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it, and Great Stuff Inc. is no exception. Our company culture of innovation and our commitment to excellence come directly from our founder and CEO, Jim Tracey. As a creative entrepreneur, Jim, started his first business in an attic with $5,000 in borrowed money. After selling the company and sharing half the money with his 750 employees, Jim founded Great Stuff Inc.

His inspiration for the company came from his wife, who constantly complained about the trouble she had with the hose reels in her yard. At the time Jim was involved with Lee Iacocca and Malcolm Bricklin in the development of electric bikes where he learned about small motors and batteries. Seeing the need for a more intelligent garden hose reel, Jim used the knowledge from his previous experience to invent the RoboReel Water Hose Reel. Shortly after he embarked on that development effort, he realized a similar solution could be applied to unruly extension cords and air hoses.